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The effect of CAVILLA - Eyelash Growth Essence

Hey guys, today I'm writing a review about an Eyelash Growth Essence

Previously, I had written a review on Eyelash Extensions.

Of course, it is hassle-free that it could speed up your prep time every morning. Moreover, you would always look prefect, like 24/7 (provided that your eyelashes did not fall) ! If you were to take care of your lash extensions by brushing it with a spiral brush, and your eyelashes are relatively strong to hold the lash extensions, it would last about 2 months long.

However, this has not taken into account of the lash extensions fall. Normally, the fall of lash extensions would cause your real eyelashes to fall together. Even though the thinnest lash extensions might have been chosen, such as Camilla Lash, it would still have some weight on your real eyelashes.

As time goes by, the real eyelashes would become weaker and hence, easier to fall. This would further lead to lesser eyelashes that would make you fall into the trap of Eyelash Extensions. As you would no longer be able to stand the bare eyes of your own.

Just when I was struggling on how to keep and grow my real eyelashes, I have come across the product, CAVILLA - Eyelash Growth Essence (i.e. my Saviour!).

I have just applied it for less than a month, I could already see the power of Cavilla. My eyelashes have grown much longer and thicker within 1 month's time! 

Cavilla has the same function as Eyelash Extensions, but it also helps us grow REAL lashes. Not to mention that it would have the same effect on Eyebrows as well, if you applied a layer of essence on your brows, twice a day.

Furthermore, you could speed up the growth of your eyelashes, by applying 3 - 5 times a day, with a thin layer of essence on the ROOT of your LASHES. (Upper lashes & Lower lashes)

On average, one bottle of Cavilla could last about 60 days (provided you apply Twice a day), which costs RM168. While there will be a discount if you're getting 2 bottles, 2 for RM300.

As Hari Raya is slowly approaching, as a celebration to this festive, Cavilla is now having further promotions (up to 16 June 2019 ONLY). Kindly refer to the promotion price below, while stocks last!

After you've read this post and are interested, kindly contact the Seller - LittleCavilla on Instagram and Facebook (kindly refer to contact details below!) One bottle that can last about 2 months, with the price of RM160 now, it's extremely worth it. Not to forget, you could always get it as a belated Mother's Day Gift!


Seller contact details (Little Cavilla) :-
1. https://www.instagram.com/littlecavilla/
2. https://www.facebook.com/littlecavilla/

Normal Price :-
1. One bottle for RM168
2. Two bottles for RM336
3. Three bottles for RM504
4. Four bottles for RM672

Promotion for Raya (until 16 June 2019) :-
1. One bottle for RM160 (save RM8)
2. Two bottles for RM290 (save RM46)
3. Three bottles for RM429 (save RM75)
4. Four bottles for RM568 (save RM104)

NAKED Urban Decay Petite Heat

One of the Urban Decay palettes, NAKED PETITE HEAT.

This palette holds an all-new lineup of scorched neutrals, which has six different shades. Top 5 matte shades for lid, crease and liner, with the last one semi-matte highlighting shade.


Shades (swipe down for my swatches) :-
1. Vibrate
2. Hot Spell
3. Wild Thing
4. Heist
5. Strike
6. Inhale

Vibrate is a peachy brown with warm tones and matte finish, which is relatively light and hence is buidable.

Hot Spell is a light-medium brown with warm, orange undertones and a matte finish. This color stayed on well for long hours.

Wild Thing is the brightest tone among all, medium-orange which might not be suitable for all events. It has rich pigmentation but it could be blended out so well.

Heist is a medium-dark brown with warm undertones. With a slight touch, it feels really smooth and velvety.

Strike is dark brown which is different from the others, its texture feels more grainy and drier. But this color is suitable to finish the dewy and matte makeup.

Inhale is a light beige tone with a satin sheen. The texture is powdery and hence not really buildable on bare skin. It would preferably to apply primer prior to applying eyeshadow which would stay well for longer hours.

Overall, this palette is long lasting, up to at least 8 - 10 hours (even without the use of setting spray), as compared to other products. If you like the tone of peachy orange, you can give this palette a try!

Here is my finishing look of the Urban Decay Petite Heat!

You can get it now from Sephora stores or via online shopping.

Website : Sephora.my (They are having FREE SHIPPING for RM80 and above spend, as well as FREE SAMPLE for every purchase)