Healthy Breakfast for HIM

HE's normally the one giving me surprises, so I was thinking, it's my time to surprise him. Of course, guys need to be pampered as well. To be honest, HE's one of the most disciplined people I've ever met. HE's always on his clean diet, hence, I think HE would definitely love the Healthy Breakfast that I prepare for him.

So I kinda did some online research, trying to get some inspiration, to make sure the healthy breakfast does not compensate its looks with nutritional value. Therefore, I decided to prepare a Salad Bowl, Fruits & his favourite - Yogurt Pot.

As I had just done with my audit peak, finally having some free time to myself, to go for grocery shopping after work. In fact, this is one of my favourite activities that I would definitely do during my free time, and I'm crazily in love with those yogurt sections!

Guys, so these were the OUTCOMES! Scroll down to know the ways to prepare them!

The ingredients I bought are shown as below :-

(1) Salad Bowl -
- Wash the vegetables (I would personally go for Organic vegetables, but it's still up to your own preference, you could add some cherry tomatoes as well)
- Start boiling the eggs (& I pre set the timer at 10 minutes - Try Organic Kampung eggs, you would be amazed by the taste, it's unbeatable)
- Cut the Chicken Breasts into small cube sizes (I chose Antibiotics free, Less Fat & Cholesterol Chicken Breasts)
- Put the Chicken Breasts into the boiling water for 5 - 6 minutes (Boil it instead of frying it because it requires no oil and hence, healthier)
p/s : I normally boil the eggs for 10 minutes, but I would put the chicken in after 5 minutes, so you could get both done together.
- After 10 minutes, you could start decorating your own Salad Bowl, as the way you want
- In the end, I would put a little bit of Sesame Salad Sauce on the vegetables and a pinch of Black Pepper on the Chicken Breasts, because it adds flavour to the Salad Bowl.

(2) Fruits
- So I picked both Strawberries & Blueberries because both of us are always on our laptops, these types of fruits would definitely help us with vision improving.
- Also, I chose them because they are playing a part in my Yogurt Pot. As I am always having the thought of, creating different dishes with the same ingredients.

(3) Yogurt Pot
- I wanted a crunchy layer at the bottom of the Yogurt Pot, but I had forgotten to buy Oats. Thus, I had replaced Oats with Digestive Biscuits. I placed a layer of biscuit crumbs at the bottom, after decorating the sides with Strawberries slices, I poured in the flavoured yogurt which I got from supermarket.
- Then, I used Blueberries as my topping and decoration, following by a spoon of Honey

I always believe, to be able to receive, is blissful. Yet, it's even more satisfying & meaningful, when you have the ability to GIVE. I'm still learning, on this. Being able to put a genuine SMILE on his face, definitely worth all the effort.

Someday in the future, I hope I would have the ability to give & inspire others to join me. Stay tune for my future blog post & I hope you enjoyed this! :)

Random Surprise by HIM

So one of the random Saturdays, he was secretly having a surprise plan. He got me dressed up in the new dress that he bought, and took me out for a dinner date. Where to? I was guessing.

I once told him, you don't have to always surprise and pamper me like this.  
I just love to see you smile, because your happiness matters, YOU MATTER. (I melted & this is what he always says!)

Another Japanese restaurant from Tokyo, SHIN NIHON, which located in Desa Sri Hartamas, Mont Kiara, so you can tell how well he knows me & how much I love Japanese food! (I'll share the address and link to the restaurant at the end of this post.)

Having thoughts of difficulties in finding parking, don't worry, there's a lot of free parking & Valet Parking right in front of Shin Nihon (if you wouldn't mind to spend a little on parking). It's really convenient especially on a rainy day, because they would help you to take care of everything & all you have to do is to get prepared for dinner!

If you are a Beef Lover, Shin Nihon is definitely a must-go restaurant as most of their dishes are made of Beef & the pricing is reasonable.

They are famous for their wagyu beef, but we had decided to go for the Thick Ox Tongue this time. Be frank, this was the best amongst other dishes that we had ordered, & we would definitely come back for this!

For a moment, I was having the thought of whether should we order this? Because we don't know how to cook it perfectly & it might ruin the dish. But this thought had varnished into the thin air as one of the waitresses would assist us in both cutting and cooking the beef.

Lemon, Salt & Sauce were provided for this dish. But my favourite combination was Lemon + Salt, as lemon could bring the refreshing taste and reduce the grease on the beef. While a pinch of salt made this perfect!

Yet, there's something that should be noted. You shouldn't squeeze the lemon juice directly on the Ox tongue (because chances are, you may over do it), and when you dip it into the salt, it would be too salty as the salt would just stick on the whole piece of meat (you would waste it).

So there is a little tip for you. 
1. Squeeze the lemon juice on the sauceplate.
2. Put a pinch of salt into the lemon juice.
3. Mix it.
4. Dip your beef into the mixture & Enjoy it.

Also, if you are liking Raw Beef, you should definitely give this a try - Premium Beef Tartare. At your first glance, yes, you may think, Ewww this looks pretty gross. Trust me, this thought did come across my mind and for a second, I wasn't willing to try it. But, why not?

Raw Beef being mixed with egg yolk & coupled with some marinated vegetables, it turned out to be surprisingly good!
p/s : There is another similar dish which comes with Avocado, but too bad, I'm not a fan of it so we didn't order that. It'd be nice for avocado lovers, and of course, more nutrients in it.


The Beef Tongue Bowl next to it was pretty scrumptious as well, it came with a chopped of chilly, adding a little spiciness into this dish, along with their special sauce & Japanese rice. As it is pretty filling, it is quite a good choice for lunch and for those who don't like raw food. 

Guess we had over ordered, because there was another Roasted Beef Rice Bowl being served. As it looked a little raw, I hesitated, again. But i was impressed right after I gave it a try. 

To be honest, by comparing both of it, I would suggest you to go for the Roasted Beef Rice Bowl instead of the other one.

Previously I have mentioned that we ordered Ox tongue instead of wagyu beef, because we had already ordered another Wagyu Beef Sushi, which I would recommend to you guys as well. In fact, it was the first dish that caught my eyes & he could read me when he saw me eyeing on this.

Premium Roasted Wagyu Beef Sushi being topped off with a pinch of wasabi and sesame, the spice immediately brings out the freshness & sweetness of the beef, forming a perfect combination with the heavenly ingredients. Definitely a must try, for Steak Lovers!

Looking for a place for dinner date? Why not give Shin Nihon a try, definitely satisfying with reasonable pricing! However, you are advised to make an early reservation with them because it's quite packed, & I saw some of them had to leave when they had no luck on getting a table.

SHIN NIHON - No. 26, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Reservation - 03-2856-7350 / 012-373-9554

Business Hours - Dinner (5.30 pm to 1 am midnight) [Last Order 12am]
                          - Lunch (12pm to 3pm, only Sat & Sun) [Last Order 2.30pm]

Menu -



My Very First Valentine's Dinner

Hey guys, as this is my FIRST BLOGPOST so I'd like to kickstart it with something lovely, My Valentine's Dinner. Be frank, this was my very first time celebrating Valentine's Day. Just so you know, Valentine's Day fell on a weekday and I was having audit peak that time (Yes, I'm an auditor!) Due to my tight schedule, I wouldn't be able to make it on that day itself.

So HE kinda arranged everything, in advance, and it surprised me. Indeed, he's been very understanding and supportive on my goals. As I'm a big fan of Japanese food, he had planned and brought me to a Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant - ISHIN, which located in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur. (I'll share the address and menu link of Ishin at the end of this post.)

The environment was warmly cozy and not to forget that the service in Ishin was pretty satisfying. Customer service of a restaurant actually plays a big part of the business, while their friendly staff would give some recommendation on the best sellers, and assisted us in finding parking as well.

At first, we had the appetizer - Deep Fried Shrimp Head, even though it came with mayo sauce, which was to cover the grease taste of the deep fried noms. However, the mayo sauce was slightly strong that it did not balance up with the appetizer. But in the mean time, I was impressed with the use of their ingredients, as Ishin also serves Tempura Shrimp, that equals to one shrimp could be turned into 2 different dishes. This has saved them from wasting food and to making more profits! (Such a smart idea!)

For main course, we have ordered Salmon Shioyaki Fish Head (salt grilled) and Unagi Zen set. The portion of the Unagi set was pretty big and filling, as it came with the eel and tempura. To be honest, the Unagi in Ishin was by far the best I've ever had, it was so mouth-watering. Even now, I could still recall the taste of it (This is the bomb!) Yet, the Salmon Head was a little disappointing as compared to the Unagi, it was over grilled and was not juicy. So yeah, I would suggest you all to go with the Unagi Set, definitely worth the price.

HE knows me so well that I really love Raw Salmon, so he ordered one. Besides that, we also ordered Grilled Oysters with Cheese & ChawanMushi (It's another must try). Grilled oysters with cheese came with some onions, but if you're not a fan of onions, you may inform the waiter that you do not want onions in your dish. It was good, but the portion was too big because there was only 2 of us and we had already ordered a lot. It would be good as a sharing platter with 3 pax and above.

Before I tried the Chawanmushi, I thought it would just taste like the other Chawanmushi, so I didn't bother to try. When HE handed one to me, I was like Uhm..... because I was too busy eating other food haha. I still tried, and it immediately got me like, Omg this is so gooooood! How could I not try this just now? As you can see, unlike the ordinary Chawanmushi, it served with Caviar, Fish Roe and Uni.

Just when I thought it's gonna end like this, he surprised me by pulling out a bouquet of flowers from his boot. Thank you, for pampering me!xx

In fact, not only did he pamper me on Valentine's Day, even on an ordinary day, he would just randomly give me some surprises and I'm beyond blessed!

ISHINNo. 202, Persiaran Klang, Batu 3 3/4, Off 58000, Jalan Kelang Lama, Taman Shanghai, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Reservation - (Online) / 03 - 7980 8228 (Phone)

Menu - You could refer to for your reference