Healthy Breakfast for HIM

HE's normally the one giving me surprises, so I was thinking, it's my time to surprise him. Of course, guys need to be pampered as well. To be honest, HE's one of the most disciplined people I've ever met. HE's always on his clean diet, hence, I think HE would definitely love the Healthy Breakfast that I prepare for him.

So I kinda did some online research, trying to get some inspiration, to make sure the healthy breakfast does not compensate its looks with nutritional value. Therefore, I decided to prepare a Salad Bowl, Fruits & his favourite - Yogurt Pot.

As I had just done with my audit peak, finally having some free time to myself, to go for grocery shopping after work. In fact, this is one of my favourite activities that I would definitely do during my free time, and I'm crazily in love with those yogurt sections!

Guys, so these were the OUTCOMES! Scroll down to know the ways to prepare them!

The ingredients I bought are shown as below :-

(1) Salad Bowl -
- Wash the vegetables (I would personally go for Organic vegetables, but it's still up to your own preference, you could add some cherry tomatoes as well)
- Start boiling the eggs (& I pre set the timer at 10 minutes - Try Organic Kampung eggs, you would be amazed by the taste, it's unbeatable)
- Cut the Chicken Breasts into small cube sizes (I chose Antibiotics free, Less Fat & Cholesterol Chicken Breasts)
- Put the Chicken Breasts into the boiling water for 5 - 6 minutes (Boil it instead of frying it because it requires no oil and hence, healthier)
p/s : I normally boil the eggs for 10 minutes, but I would put the chicken in after 5 minutes, so you could get both done together.
- After 10 minutes, you could start decorating your own Salad Bowl, as the way you want
- In the end, I would put a little bit of Sesame Salad Sauce on the vegetables and a pinch of Black Pepper on the Chicken Breasts, because it adds flavour to the Salad Bowl.

(2) Fruits
- So I picked both Strawberries & Blueberries because both of us are always on our laptops, these types of fruits would definitely help us with vision improving.
- Also, I chose them because they are playing a part in my Yogurt Pot. As I am always having the thought of, creating different dishes with the same ingredients.

(3) Yogurt Pot
- I wanted a crunchy layer at the bottom of the Yogurt Pot, but I had forgotten to buy Oats. Thus, I had replaced Oats with Digestive Biscuits. I placed a layer of biscuit crumbs at the bottom, after decorating the sides with Strawberries slices, I poured in the flavoured yogurt which I got from supermarket.
- Then, I used Blueberries as my topping and decoration, following by a spoon of Honey

I always believe, to be able to receive, is blissful. Yet, it's even more satisfying & meaningful, when you have the ability to GIVE. I'm still learning, on this. Being able to put a genuine SMILE on his face, definitely worth all the effort.

Someday in the future, I hope I would have the ability to give & inspire others to join me. Stay tune for my future blog post & I hope you enjoyed this! :)

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