Naruko Rose & Botanic Aqua Cubic Series EX

As from the previous post, I have posted a review on the Naruko Tea Tree series that I used to cure my acne and improve my oily skin. (Kindly take a look should you have not!)

After curing my acne, I have moved onto another series of Naruko - which is the Naruko Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Series Ex. Prior to ordering this series, I was actually worried that it might not be suitable for my combination skin type. However, being amazed by the previous series, I was willing to give it a try.

So, I actually did some research online, on the benefits on Rose Water & I'd love to share it to all of you :

Rose Water Benefits

1. Help maintain skin's PH balance
2. Reduce redness of irritated skin and acne
3. Help hydrate, revitalise and moisturise the skin
4. Healing scars, cuts and wounds
5. Help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues
6. Help clear pores & tone the skin
7. Rid the feeling of anxiety
8. Help keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay

1. Rose water foaming wash (RM 29)
2. Rose & Aqua-In Super Hydrating Lotion (RM 42)
3. Rose & Aqua-In Super Hydrating Moisturizer (RM 45)
4. Rose & Aqua-In Super Hydrating Night Jelly (RM 45)

Oily skin, probably the biggest nightmare that ladies might face, it is a pain to deal with. Not only does it clog pores, but also lead to ruining make-ups. Up till here, you might think? If you were having oily skin issue, then why would you proceed to the Rose Water series? Would you not go back to the previous stage and lose all the effort that you've put it?

The answer is NO.

Before having to decide which type of skin care products that you might need, it is more crucial to know the reason of the formation of oily skin. When your skin is dehydrated, the skin can become swallow, dry and cracked. The oil glands in the skin will start to overproduce oil and sebum to compensate the lacking of hydration, which it further leads to oily skin and acne.

Therefore, to rectify the overproduction of oil in skin, it is important to consume enough water, or, choosing the right skin care products that would give hydration to your skin.

This time, I have chosen the Naruko Rose Water series.

Having mentioned the benefits of rose water, now let's start with the 1. Facial Foaming Wash. Unlike the deep cleansing of Purifying Clay Mask & Cleanser in 1 (Tea Tree series), this foaming wash actually focuses on soft cleansing with strong hydrating, while it helps remove dirt while retaining tenderness.

Followed by the 2. Rose & Aqua-In Super Hydrating Lotion (i.e : Toner). It is known as the 4 in 1 Active Moisture Repair that it would give you an instant moisture and radiance boost. By using this right after the facial wash, it would help replenish your skin and seal the skin cells properties to quench skin's thirst.

Should you are applying make-up after that, you could actually soak the cotton pads with the lotion, and leave it on your face for a few minutes. This will give your skin extra boost of hydration and help your make-up to last longer.

Next, 3. Rose & Aqua-In Super Hydrating Moisturizer.
I have to admit that this moisturizer really helps infuse skin with moisture in order to reveal visibility plumper, softer and supple skin. After applying it for the whole day, I would not feel oily nor greasy, but moisturized, as the ingredients in this product (Exo-P + Vitamin A palmitate + Vitamin E + Bisabolol + Phytoferulin) would help defend your skin against the environmental stressors and stop aging.

After using it for a period of time, it actually brings out the radiance of your skin that creates a refreshing and dewy skin.

What's next before going to bed? A short movie? A chat with love? Nah, it's a very much needed overnight thirsty relief - the 4. Rose & Aqua-In Super Hydrating Night Jelly!

After putting on make-up for the whole day, your skin would definitely need some moisture and hydration. But if you don't really have time to put on a sheet of mask, or you are simply lazy (like me haha), why not give this Night Jelly a try!

This night jelly helps refine skin texture, plumps skin with hydration and restore elasticity. The most important thing is that, it really gives your skin an intensive boost at night and you could go straight to bed after applying it without needing to wash it off.

The next morning, you would wake up to dewy and luminous skin, again. What more could you ask for?

However, Watson's has run out of stock for the Rose & Aqua-In Super Hydrating Complex (i.e. Serum). So I am trying out a different serum that I would post a review about it sooner or later! Click onto the Subscribe button for my future posts!

This series is more towards relaxing followed by the calming rose water scent. Yet, I personally favour the strong scent of Tea Tree because it awakes me early in the morning by using those products. (Kindly head over to my previous post for Tea Tree series review if you haven't read)

You could get the Naruko products from :-

1. Watsons Malaysia

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