Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

One of the best foundations I've used, would definitely be the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

In the past, Estee Lauder did not offer an impressive amount of shades. But, they have now stepped up their game, launching different colors that suit different skin types and tone.

Despite there is online shopping available, I have gotten mine from one of the Estee Lauder stores. I would still recommend to directly buy or at least try the shade in the store. As you could request for assistance, for that you could tell them about your skin type (oily, dry, combination) and your preference over the foundation (yellowish or pinkish tone).

Normally they would help you try on 3 different shades on your jaws and you could decide which shade you would love to give it a try. My skin condition is combination skin type, and I personally favor pinkish foundation. Therefore, I have chosen the tone of 1N0.

Just by applying a thin layer, with a damp beauty blender, it smoothed out on my skin. ELDW gives full coverage foundation on face. It is lightweight and feels comfy on skin, but it definitely showed that you have applied makeup. Thus, it would not be suitable if you intend to create a skin-like natural looking makeup.

With ELDW, it has created a nice and dewy matte finished look for me. (scroll down for my finishing look! )

ELDW has definitely guaranteed that no touch-up is needed, which means you could still look flawless even under a hot sun or after exercised and swimming. It does not budge and stays put all day, neither does it smudge or come off on clothes which is a plus point for OL as most of the time, we would wear white top or dress.

For every bottle you purchase, it does not come with a pump (which was not available previously), but now they do (separate purchase needed).

On a side note, you REALLY need to make sure that you have removed the foundation and cleansed your skin properly to avoid pores clogged which might further lead to skin problems.

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