Lash Extensions Review

LASH EXTENSIONS, one of the most struggling decisions to be made.

Are they worth it? Any issue of cleanliness? How long does it last? Which provider would provide the best services?

Yes, these kind of questions really did pop up in my mind before I made an appointment for Lash Extensions.

Among all the lash extension providers, I have chosen Lash Lab Subang. 

According to the consultation from the beautician, you would need a fairly healthy amount of real eyelashes for the application of eyelash extensions. Hence, my extension is much thicker than others.

Prior to that, you would need to fill in your information then the beautician would take around 5 minutes to understand your needs and preference, such as your preference over the types of extensions, its curl and length.

Extension offers :-
1. Korean Lash Extensions - RM178
2. Japanese Lash Extensions - RM228
3. Sugar Lash Extensions - RM238
4. Nova Lash Extensions  - RM278
5. 3D Lash Extensions - RM298

For me, I have chosen Korean Lash Extensions, D curl, 14-11mm.

It looks like I have applied heavy makeup, like smokey eyes. However, it gets more natural after several days, which you would slowly get used to it.

To be honest, it does not feel really heavy on my eyelids, but if you were to create a more natural-looking extensions, you could request for Camellia Lash, as it is thinner and lighter in a way.

After you have chosen your treatment, you would be led into a relatively comfy treatment room by your beautician. The beautician would first clean your eyelids with warm water, then place a damp pad on your bottom lashes and followed by a gauze sticker on your top eyelid to find a perfect angle for the new lashes! She would then gently brush through the eyelash extension with a spiral brush just to keep it neat.

Overall, it took about 2 hours. Long enough, for you to have a nice rest.

Some of my friends and followers asked me, :"Does it hurt?"

For me, it does not! But some of my friends told me that it could sometimes be painful, during the session. I guess this depends on your beautician and its provider. Hence, you would really need to go through quite a number of reviews or feedback, either from friends or online.

According to the beautician, the extension would last about 30 days but more or less depends on your own eyelashes. Mine has lasted for more than 2 months (50% left.), so it kind of depends on how you take care of them as well.

Things to take note after having extension :
1. Do not rub your eyes
2. Use Water-based cleanser instead of Oil-based, as it would ruin the eyelashes and make it fall
3. Brush your eyelashes with spiral brush, on a daily basis

TADAAAA!! Once you have done your hassle-free extension, you could even go to work or outing without makeup, which would definitely speed up your prep time!

After you have read this post, why not give Lash Lab Subang a try! As they are now having a RM60 off the bill for first timer, until further notice! (Only available in Subang outlet)

Lash Lab Subang (with RM60 discount)

Address : 5, Jalan SS15/4E, 1st Floor, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Hours : 10am - 8pm
Phone : 03- 5612 2281

Lash Lab KL (WITHOUT RM60 discount)

Address : 9, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Hours : 10am - 8pm
Phone : 03- 2282 5275

** Both outlets are packed with appointments, hence it is advisable to make an appointment through phone.

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